7,000 miles in 7 days

Buttlite II Endurance Rally

August 2000


This is my bike prior to the trip. Note the black fuel cell on the back seat. Also note the spare tire and a ton of camping gear.

Lights, lights and more lights

Every doodad known to man.

Here is Bill Davis on his "2000 Hand Built Harley Davidson Rigid Frame Panhead. He deserved the standing Ovation.

This is Eddie James' bike prior to the event. The balloon says Eddie Sucks. Obviously one of the riders has ridden in one of Eddies rallies before. That fuel tank is eleven gallons.

And after some midnight athletic training more practical jokes are pulled on Eddie. That's Skert on the bike.

Here is a big BMW tour bike. Look behind the rear fender. That big "box" is actually an auxiliary fuel cell.

Buell Photo 1

Here are two photos of the Buell. Notice that the right side and left side of the bike are different colors. Look at the Fuel Cell on the rear seat, It is made out of a Sportster Fuel tank.

More "Technology"

2000-08-bl2-Doug Stout on his 250 Ninja
Doug Stout on his 250 Ninja

Skert on her BMW R1150GS

Pauline Ralston

Sponsored by Mom, er Karen

All the Harley Riders. That's me on the right.

All the riders together at one time. I'm on the left, back row.

First Leg

Superman !!!

Midnight in Quito, Mississippi

A row of Long Distance Rider's bikes at the Baton Rouge checkpoint.

Bob is still smiling in Baton Rouge.

Waiting for scoring

The bikes lined up and ready to go

Some do it the hi-tech way

Leg 2

Sometimes you gotta be reminded.

Royal Gorge Bridge

Oh My God this is high up. The Mother Cabrini Shrine somewhere near the clouds.

The Virgin Mary Shrine and the "Image" in the tree.

Bob lathered up with sunscreen in Salt Lake City.

Leg 3

The Windmills

This house is made of Dinosaur bones

The monument to the Ames Brothers.

The Road to Featherlegs

Mother Featherlegs, it was worth it, even if the photo sucked.

Carhenge - Definitely built by an ancient civilization.

Gary's Tire

The king of duct tape modified his "new" Honda Hurricane

Leg Four

Waiting for instructions in Fargo

Roger Maris' Grave in Fargo

Eddies Home Town

Laura Ingals Wilder Museum

The "Future" birthplace of Captain James T. Kirk

Carl Sandburg, buried in the back yard

Who builds these things?

And I can't forget yet another one of the World's Smallest Churches. There seems to be a lot of these in this country. How can they all be the smallest?

This is one twisty road! ! ! !

Population 15 +1 +1 -1 +1

How could anyone miss this place?


Here is the author at the finish after a hot shower. The question now is: Where's the beer?

Yes the Hardtail rider made it. Here is the bike at the finish. Not bad at all. Notice the can of Old Milwaukee?

Here are the top ten winners, at least those that could be rounded up for the photo.