Bob L's Photos from the 2003 Ironbutt Rally

I have these photos in high quality format if you are interested, good for making prints.

Remember - never perform any major work on your bike just before a rally.

A little modern machinery.

Interesting colors.

Beware of the Dominoes guy.

Yes, it's a water buffalo

Anatomically correct mascot

Uhhh, a bobble head Jesus?!?!?!?!?

My Harley making it's mark. GASOLINE, not oil.

I'm trying to figure out the padlock on the fuel cell.

A blazing 500cc

Not in the rally, but just look at those, er I mean that light. I call it a daytime running light because when it's on at night you would think it was daytime. On this bike though, I think of it as a target for loose gravel.

I think this bike needs a bigger team strange sticker.

Senator Zine, not in this years rally.

The Evil Lordette Landry??

The not so evil Lord Kneebone.

Sunnyside, WA

Palouse Falls, WA

The bad guy from the movie Matrix on the Playa at Gerlach, NV. We were given GPS coordinates and told to go find something on the Playa with our number on it. Some riders missed the with our numbers part and came back with rocks.

My bike on the Playa. There sure is a whole lot of nothing out there. The Burning Man Festival is held out here every summer.

Ironbutt Circle of Honor on Dooby lane, Gerlach, NV

Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest, The oldest living thing in the US???

Mono Hot Springs, CA, a lovely road out and back.

Bryce Canyon nat. Park, Utah

Monument Valley, AZ

Kneebone's old bike bike, an RD350 in Keller, Texas.