Tuesday, July 21, 2009

As of today I am trying a different blogging software. As I have written, I don’t really like blogs. I would rather write my stories and comments in text and edit the super simple HTML commands myself. I like the complete portability of this method. I can have it on a flash drive, or any drive, move it around or whatever and it will work everywhere. The problem is that it is a pain to keep up with even a minimal amount of comments. For me, the comments make a blog. I was using Blogger.com software to run my blog. It is a simple, easy to modify program. I liked the way it stored pages. I liked much of what it does. The problem was, some simple things that I wanted to do were almost impossible. I would have just maintained it and copied things over to my regular page, but some things happened.

First of all, I used a number of different web browsers, and found that with each one, you can enlarge the text, but they all do it differently. How they react to my super simple web pages is unpredictable. Then Blogger started pissing me off when I was trying to modify some super simple things in the format. Finally, Wade, from www.vagabondjourney.com had issues with blogger. The kind of issues that woud drive me crazy if they happened to me. He switched to WordPress and I really liked the results. Some features, such as comment handling and displaying were instantly shown to be far superior. I broke down and switched. Since I did not have many posts, I did not convert. Instead, I just copied the old posts into new posts here.

If this blogging system works for me, I may slowly transfer my old stories into here as well. Although I tried this program in the past and did not like it, I have since learned that the things that I did not like about it should be easy to change. So far, after(20 minutes of working with it, I am really beginning to like it. But I also still like the html text editing method. Only time will tell.

Bob L