Motorcycle Bob in Bangor

August 12, 2009

A few weeks back, Irene and I took a trip up to Canada on the bike, we visited Prince Edward Island and the Cabot Trail area of Nova Scotia. We had a great time, but more interestingly, we took a side trip to Bangor, Maine on the way up to Canada. We stopped and visited Wade and his lovely wife, of

Wade is a great and very interesting guy. If you have some free time spend it wandering around his site. One of the best writers I have ever met.

I have been following Wade's site for a number of years. Finally, I got to meet him. When you read a Blog or communicate with someone over the internet you never really know what that person is like. Irene and I met up with Wade and his wife at their current, temporary home in Maine. There was a little apprehension prior to meeting them. Irene knew nothing about them. I only knew what I have read on the internet and my communications with e-mail. You never really know how a meeting like this will go. Our meeting was great. Wade and his wife are wonderful people. We talked about, well, everything. It was an odd situation for me. Meeting someone I knew well by his writings, but have never met. A younger man, who has had a larger array of life experiences than I can ever hope to have. A man who enjoys the hell out of life.

It was a short visit, but well worth it. Wade described the visit, as only Wade could. After reading about Motorcycle Bob, wander around his site, maybe donate a bit to his travels if you want.

Wade left home when he was 18 and has been traveling for the last 10 years. His wife is due with their first child any day now. They are planning on leaving on a trip with their baby a month or two after the baby is born. Now THAT should be an interesting trip. They don't know how long they will be gone. They don't know all of the places they will go. These two are serious travelers.

BTW, there was also a small reference to my and the IronButt rally in this page:

Bob L