Again, this was from a couple of months ago.

Time for a valve adjustment. Due to the fact that the valves on the right side of the bike needed adjustment, the air filter had to come off. As well as a lot of other stuff.

So, what did I find? A mouse nest. The mouse stuffed a ton of crap inside the air filter. Not only that, but the mouse ate a good chunk out of the filter. The only thing keeping the mouse out of the engine was the wire mesh on the filter itself. This mouse nest got there at the previous owners house. I suppose I should have checked the air filter before this, but, well, whatever.

This filter was pretty damned full. I don't know how the engine even ran. This might explain why it stalled once in a while for no reason at all.

This is where the air comes from, and where the mice got in.

Here is what was in it. Some of it I could not even identify.