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2010 Colorado Trip Meeting Reno John

My Girlfriend and I are staying in Silverton, CO at the Grand Imperial Hotel.

As we were walking past the front, I see a Yamaha FJR with lots of farkles. Licence plate says RENO J with a plate frame saying “10 IN 10? I walk in, see a guy in a stich and call out “Hey Reno John!”. He looked at me, a little confused, as we had never met. I ‘splained I was an IB Rider and he confirmed he was there for a bonus location for the 10n10 Long Distance Riding Event:

He was having an “ORGASMIC” experience.

He was happy and said he was having a great time. We took a bunch of pics next to a naked lady. A little while later, after his Orgasmic Experience was complete, he left to head south. He said he felt great, and was very happy to see us. He tried to give my girlfriend a hug, but, this being day eight, she declined, so he blew her a kiss instead.

Oh, and for the record, we tried the Apple Crisp too. Yes, it was orgasmic, even without bonus points.

John’s web site: RENO JOHN


Here are some pics:

Gave me a good excuse to take a picture of the painting.

The Orgasmic Experience was eating the Apple Crisp with Ice Cream

This was like Day 8 for RJ. Being an experienced Iron Butter, I got as far away from him as possible. I know what day 8 smells like. Irene was not so experienced.

We went up to the top of Pike's Peak a few days later. This was also crowded but it was not an issue. While waiting in line to pay, we saw a park ranger that I recognized from Reno John's blog post. RENO JOHN AT PIKES PEAK

When I saw her, I yelled out HEY, You're Famous ! ! ! ! ! ! Then I told her that her picture was all over the internet, well, at least on Reno John's page. So she let us take her picture too.

Ranger Kuhlman did not let Reno John up to the top of pikes peak. pic borrowed from reno john's web site.

But as you can see she DID let us up there, a few days after John tried.

Yep, sure did let us up there.





From: RenoJohn
September 13, 2010 at 10:00 am

You two are sooo ultra groovy it is beyond words. Certainly more spunk than an old married couple and your sense of fun and great spirit is off the charts.

Keep having fun you two, and I sure hope our paths cross soon!