Assorted small posts that went to my BLOG, that I decided were worth keeping, but that were not big enough to deserve a separate page.

2010-06-13 - NAKED RIDERS

While waiting at a light in upstate Vermont I got to see one of those few special things that one can only see in Vermont (and Maine, I guess). There were about 40 bikers, err, make that bicyclists riding naked through town. It was about 30% women I think. What made it extra special was that after all the rain it was rather nipply errr, nippely, err, nippley, err… it was kinda chilly out. I had my camera, but unfortunately the memory card was in my computer in the trunk.

AAAND, there is even a website.


2010-10-25 - STAT COUNTER

I have a counter on my blog site that counts the number of visits my blog. I don't get many visits. Here is a typical week, most of these visits are probably me checking or updating my site.

Typical week

Back in September I wrote a post about Reno John, who was participating in the Ten in Ten long distance motorcycle rally. I wrote this post to the Ironbutt Forum. This shows the year up to October.

Year to Date

September, by week.

Day by Day of the week I wrote the post.

This shows how just one post can really increase traffic, if advertised on the right site.