Storm of the Century
Friday February 8, 2013

Early February, 2013. . The weather forecasters were predicting a snow storm in the northeast. . As time progressed, the predictions went from "significant" snow fall to the "STORM OF THE CENTURY" or some such rubbish. . Predictions ranged as high as 3 feet in some areas. . Where I live, they were only predicting about 30 inches.

Duval Patrick, the Governor of Massachusetts, ordered people to stay off the roads starting Friday, February 8th. . Frankly, the way they drive there, it would be good if they stayed off the road ALWAYS.

I decided, to give myself something to do, to record the storm as it happens.

This year they started naming winter storms. . This one was called Nemo. . I don't know if it was named after Captain Nemo, or the dumb-ass Disney fish. . These storm names come from the Weather Channel, NOT from the national weather service. . Nemo means Nobody in Latin. . Maybe we will get lucky and not get anything to speak of. . Much ado about nothing.

There are predictions of high winds, especially along the coast. . The coastal areas are supposed to get the greatest amounts. Maybe the scariest prediction is of a lot of rain on Monday, which could cause tons of flooding and collapsed roofs. . Monday could be a worse than this storm.

Friday morning, the predictions were of 2 plus feet in the Boston area. Some predictions have been 3 feet or more on the coast.

On a better note, the Weather Channel is predicting a warmer than average March in the North East.

Friday, 8am - Snowing pretty good. A bit of accumulation. By 10am it had stopped completely.

Friday, 4:30pm - It's been snowing again for quite a while. 8.5 hours into the storm and we have pretty much the same amount of snow as we did at the start.

Saturday, 8am - Still snowing hard. But, as you can see, there is not a lot of snow on the deck. But the car has a bit and quite a bit elsewhere. Hard to say how much we have up to this point, as the snow is drifting. Of course, the news is making a huge deal of this. One of the power companies up here had ONE customer without power. Much ado about nothing.

Saturday, 10am - Still snowing some. Finally went out to measure the snow. The drift in front of the door was over 3 feet, but the non-drifted snow was 23 inches. We might get a few more inches, so no big deal. Still, I have to admit, the forecast of 2 feet was correct for this area.

I rent so that I don't have to do THIS:

The snow even found it's way into the Garage.

This is NOT my photo, but there was a post in the union leader of a Motorcycle with a sidecar heading up I89 during the storm. I have to assume that this was Saturday, whick is when the pic was posted, but would not guarantee it. Is this one of our LD Riders? There is a SKI Rack on the back. Gotta be one of ours. Can anyone tell what kind of bike this is?

I recieved word from an LD Rider that this guy is a known Ural rider, and was in NH camping over the weekend. It was a Group campout, the Soviet Steed Group. And people think I'm nuts. Troy R. Bennett is a photojournalist and Ural rider who was also at this campout and wrote about it and posted a video here: He has other interesting stories as well here: