The rest of the Pics and Movies from our 2015 ALPS trip.

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The rest of the Movies from our 2015 ALPS trip.

VIDEO - 2015-06-17-alps-Jungfraujoch-01.MP4

VIDEO - 2015-06-17-alps-Jungfraujoch-03.MP4

VIDEO - 2015-06-18-alps-Mont-Blonc-DOWN-01.MP4

VIDEO - 2015-06-18-alps-Mont-Blonc-DOWN-02.MP4

VIDEO - 2015-06-23-alps-HighLine.MP4

VIDEO - 2015-06-25-alps-Cow-Bells.MP4

VIDEO - 2015-06-26-Alps-Curves.MP4

The rest of the PICS

14JUN15 Sun - Andermatt, Swiss Area

A lot of the construction equipment is designed for narrow roads and hilly terrain. This guy had wheels and legs that worked independently. It could work almost anywhere.

We Found the Taliban's Hideout

The View from our Hotel Room

The view out our hotel was not quite as scenic first thing this morning.

15JUN15 Mon - Andermatt, Swiss Area

There were cranes working on buildings everywhere. This is a small one. The crazy thing is they had a very narrow footprint, and I could not figure out why they did not just fall over in a heavy wind.

The switchbacks were fantastic

And lots of snowblowers, fortunately idle.

A typical bed for two people.

The .50 Franc coin is slightly smaller than the .10 Franc coin, just to add to the confusion.

16JUN15 Tue - Interlaken, Swiss Area

The Fancy Hotel in town. We did not stay there.

People were taking flights on these Paragliders everywhere. Here they were landing on the town green.

17JUN15 Wed - Joungfraujoch and the Area around it

A town on the train trip up the mountain.

Stunning Views.

Irene was looking for men in Lederhosen, we did not see any of those, but we did see this St. Bernard.

Photos just do not do this place justice.

Us at ONE of the tops of Europe

There were ice tunnels in the Glacier.

SCRAT - the squirrel from Ice age FINALLY got his nut.

These were in vending machines on the street in a bunch of places. I do not know if they are an inebriant or not.

I had to look up Bombastic to be sure I knew the correct meaning. Still does not make sense, but maybe if you drank a bunch of these it would.

17JUN15 Wed - Chamonix-Mont-Blanc, France and the Area around it

A glacier outside of Chamonix

6/18 Thu - Chamonix-Mont-Blanc tram to the top of the world

There were Ben and Jerry's signs everywhere. Even a shop or two dedicated to it, with flavors we don't often see in the US.

6/18 Thu - Mont Blanc area, from the Italian Side.

6/18 Thu - Matterhorn, from the Italian Side.

Stelvio Pass, Italy

Stelvio Pass. A pretty typical road, although there were many even better.

Crazy Man's Place

6/21 Sun - Arabba, Italy

6/22 Mon - Arabba, Italy

6/23 Tue - Ruette, Austria

6/24 Wed - Ruette, Austria

6/25 Thu Liechtenstein

Maybe this Worcestershire Sauce is from Massachusetts?