2017 BLOG

Time is our only truly finite resource.

Last Update 7/14/2017

This page will be used sort of like a blog. Most of my site has articles that are longer and more targeted to a specific subject. I occasionally wanted to write about other things, or nothing in particular as well as keeping track of what is changing on my web site, so..... here it is.


2017-09-01 - UPDATES to pages and some random thoughts.

Created a SmugMug account whereisbobl.smugmug.com to help display and keep my photos - Not sure how well this will work. In many ways Google is much better, but having a service where you are the customer rather than the product might be good.

Played with Google Photos and decided that it was also a good option for keeping and displaying photos. Created a page to keep track of the albums I create: PHOTOS ALBUMS - Google Photos works exceptionally well, but it IS Google, which means they will likely change things suddenly for no aparent reason. THe PHOTO ALBUMS page will allow me to quickly and easily change things any time I want. There will NOT be links on each page to a particular album.

Played with DropBox for my photos. This will be where I will keep the masters of any photos that are in photo albums, but DropBox does a fairly poor job of displaying photos. It's only advantage is that it is very easy, just create a folder and copy files into it. Done.

Swore at all the above programs.

Edited a bunch of my pages to remove old style slideshows, broken links, and references to albums that have moved.


2017-07-23 - UPDATES to pages and some random thoughts.

Added Triumph Smoke Kit to menu

  • Triumph Smoke Kit
    and in case that link goes bad: Triumph Smoke Kit
  • Added Albums to my Photos Folder:

    Assorted Funny or Interesting

    Assorted Comics

    Added some more blather to my Retirement Chronicles

    2017-07-14 - UPDATES to pages and some random thoughts.

    I discuss a little more about my Retirement Chronicles. You can see updates at the end of this page: Retirement Chronicles


    I have been thinking about my upcoming retirement a lot as can be seen in the above page. But I have also been spending a bunch of time trying to figure out how best to report on future trips, and other events. I suppose I could do FaceBork, or something, or just figure out what everyone else is doing and do the same, but I just don't like that. My main interest in all these stories and reporting is for my own entertainment and reference. I like to be able to look at anything I post on my own computer even if I don't have internet. I want to be able to backup and move these pages without any interference.

    So, it looks like I will continue to do more or less what I have been doing, but with a bit more posting. I expect I will maintain this Blog page and a retirement page. For other subjects, bigger trips or things with a lot of photos I will have separate pages. I will post links here for most, but you can just go to my home page to see what I have written and what is updated.

    So, I had to replace the starter on my Triumph, a few photos of which can be found here: Triumph Starter

    My Honda needed a new fuel pump, which is not unusual at near 100,000 miles: Honda Fuel Pump

    I discuss my experiences with my phone service, Google Project FI: Google Project FI

    I created a new page for my life with Honda, which was long overdue as the last one was written shortly after I bought it: My Life with Honda Part 3

    A few photos from the 2017 Minute Man 1000 Rally: 2017 Minute Man 1000 Rally

    There was an old page I had used to experiment with this style of blogging which I put in the menu. It is just a few bits from 2013 through 2016. Not worth looking at. 2016 BLOG

    Along with that I updated my Home Page, i moved what was called my BLOG to ARCHIVES, and creating a new entry near the bottom of the home page called my BLOG with just the posts that are not otherwise categorized above. All posts should now be on home page and also in the Archive by date: ARCHIVES

    And of course, I updated the page you are currently reading, newest at the top: 2017 BLOG

    2017-06 - WordPress and Blogspot etc

    I tried Blogspot and WordPress and others. I spent a ton of time today trying to get it to work for me. It really did not. Nothing I did made for a good experience either for the blogger or for the viewer.

    I will try again, I am sure, at some time in the future, but for now, I am going to stick with what has worked for a long time.

    2017-06 - Site Maintenance

    I updated and created a bunch of new pages, as it has been a while since I used this blog.

    I tried setting up a WordPress Blog on my site again, but very quickly hated it.

    I decided I will still use my Whereisbobl.Blogspot.com blog but only for notifying people of new posts. I will not be very reliable with it, but I will occasionally post a notice that there are new posts on this site.

    Too many changes to bother listing here, but I had to make a few changes to allow my pages to work well on SmartPhones. More work than it is worth going backwards, but future posts should work a little better.

    2017-06 - Retirement

    I started making note of my plans for retirement. I started a blog post similar to this, just for that usage, and I will make posts and entries and whatever over time.

    2017-05 - Ireland and Scotland Trip

    I took a motorcycle trip around Ireland and Scotland. You can find the story here:

    2017-05 - Ireland and Scotland Trip

    2017-05 - I am BACK

    For various reasons I have not been doing my normal trip stories. I have been taking trips, and have done some writeups, but I have not been making them public. That is about to change, I hope. I will be retiring in a year, and plan to start regular updates of some kind. Since these writeups are really just for my own use and entertainment, I don't currently have a way of notifying people of new posts. Just check back here once in a while. If you know me, I might keep a list of those people that want notifications. I might even get a FaceOff acount or something.