2018 BLOG

Time is our only truly finite resource.

Last Update 01/14/2018

This page will be used sort of like a blog. Most of my site has articles that are longer and more targeted to a specific subject. I occasionally wanted to write about other things, or nothing in particular as well as keeping track of what is changing on my web site, so..... here it is.


2018-01-15 - Yet another word about "Blogs". I keep trying different Blog programs. Wordpress, Blogger, etc.

I have yet to find one that I like better than this super simple text based website. On this, I control everything. I keep it simple. It is on my hard drive in a manner that I can see exactly what will be shown on-line. Complete control.

Yes, almost every Blog out there looks better. They allow comments. They are better for the reader. I just cannot find a set up that I like. Once I find something that is pretty close, I start trying it out. Then I find something it does or does not do that frustrates me.

I did switch to SmugMug for the bulk of my photos. It allows me to save my photos and videos on-line and on my phone in the same format. They have not yet come up with a PC app that will show them that way on my computer without WiFi, but I can just go to my photos on my hard drive if I need to.

At the moment, WordPress on my website seems best, or at least most like my regular web pages. It handles photos in the same manner, which is not great, but better than WordPress.com. It also works pretty well on my phone for editing. Google Blogger also works pretty well, with some goofy things. Blogger handles photos fairly well, but not great.

As I enter my traveling phase of retirement I might want to change things a bit. Maybe I will try out one of the other systems again. I will probably get frustrated and stay with my current setup, but at least I will give it a try.

2018-01-14 - Starting to Freak out a little realizing that I have a TON to do relative to planning for my upcoming retirement. May 10th is my last day at work if all goes well. Hoping to head to Europe early in June, with a bike or buying one there. A lot needs to be done before that can happen.

I went on a Scuba Trip to the Bahamas over the New Years week: 2018-01 BAHAMAS SCUBA TRIP