About the Site

One word about the layout and style. I decided to use as generic of a formatting as possible. This page lets the settings on your web browser program choose the colors, text styles and in most cases text size. If you don't like something, find it hard to read, don't blame me. Change your browser. I have had to make some concessions to make some pages work smoothly on Smartphones.

I try to keep things as simple and low tech as possible. I have tried various photo display programs and Blogging software. I have not liked any of them. As of November 2013 I have been using my basic web site for most everything, but using Google Photos or Dropbox for quickly getting my photos out there when on the road. I have pretty much given up on any notification software. If you want to be notified of new posts, see my e-mail addy on the home page and request to be put on the list. I will occasionally send out e-mails, blind carbon copy only.

I like to ride motorcycles, travel and SCUBA dive. I like it best when I can combine the three. I enjoy writing occasionally, and sometimes rant.

I have kept notes of my trips for as long as I can remember. When E-Mail came about, I would write my stories and send them to people I knew, sometimes from the road, sometimes from home when I got back. Quite some time ago I added a website to store these stories. These were free websites that would show a few advertisements as a way of paying for the free part. Eventually, these free sites became burdensome as they kept changing, going out of business, or requiring pages to be written with their own programs. I kept my photos in a few different sites, both paid and unpaid. The best one was probably SmugMug.com. There are plenty of good free ones as well.

In 2009 I finally broke down and got my own website and name. This allows me to keep my formats as I see fit. My preference for keeping posts is as static web pages that will never change, keeping my coding Stone Knife simple. I never tell you (or your browser) what type or size text to use. I don't tell it whether to indent, or what color or anything. I give it text, maybe with a few words in bold, and basic photo links. I do not use any JavaScript or PHP or any other programming. The only place in my static web site where I might use some of that is for a few basic slideshows I created just to learn how to do it.

The Main Menu, at WhereIsBobL.com has a list of new posts at the top, links to all my articles or longer stories below that, and a section at the bottom I call my Blog which has links to all of posts that have ever been on my site, sorted by date.

I may start using my Blogspot blog again, WhereIsBobL.blogspot.com , but most likley only to occasionally list what new posts are on this site. My Blog will just be posts on my static site. At least that is what I prefer right now.

Well, for now. All the above could change at any moment as I am never completely satisfied, repeatedly changing things, often going back to a setup that I removed in the past.