For Sale 1999 Buell S3T Thunderbolt Touring - Black

This bike was last run at the end of 2009, it ran very well at that time. The front engine mount cracked and other life events happened so I parked it. Since then I have dithered back and forth between selling and fixing it back up. I love the bike, but for various reasons have finally decided to actively sell it. I am the original owner.

-The bike has 67,400 miles on it.

-A WORKS shock was put on at 35,167 miles

-Black Painted Aluminum Mag Wheels

-Deep Bag Lids

-Narrow Bag lids

-Semi rigid bag liners

-2 back luggage racks (tall and short), Ventura

-Wes Tek Bike Stand

-Assorted Tools and spare Parts

-Missing Bar End Weight

-Throttle Meister Lock

-The back of the bags are cracked, a common problem which can be repaired

-NADA last time I checked was Low Retail $2,020 - S3T /// $1,775 - S3 but of course that was for a bike with fewer miles on it.

-Black duct tape on the paint where over the seat saddle bags would have rubbed.

-The bike is in Southern New Hampshire, near Manchester.

-I am willing to part with this bike for $1,000. It could take very little effort to get the bike back on the road, but it would be much better to spend some more time and money and make the bike like brand new or you could use it for parts to keep your pride and joy running well. You could even take a part you need off it and part out the rest. Your choice.

Obviously this bike has seen some bad weather riding through the years and needs a lot of work if you want a good looking bike, but it was running well when I parked it. Still, it has been a number of years since it last ran.

Bob L.

LINK TO PHOTOS of Parts and bike in Google Photos -