John's Toys

Also see pics of the Shingle Mill, with some scary videos

  • SHINGLE MILL - Scary Machinery

  • It may be old, but it still goes



    A few more panels

    Micro Hydro Power - The power of water

    The way it started

    It needed protection from the elements, so an enclosure was built

    Inside the enclosure

    Saw Mill - scary dangerous

    Hydroponic Garden

    This is what you do when your soil is nothing but sand and you have only a few very small areas that get enough sun.

    And how it stood in 2016

    And how it stood in 2017 - No longer a total loss system. MUCH more compact, and should be better for all the veggies. Less saw dust needed, although there is no shortage of that here.

    Assorted bits and pieces around the yard

    Home Made Log trailer and loading arm. That's right HOME MADE.

    A rather complicated shingle maker, with a large wood planer/edger ??? in the background.

    Assorted rusty things

    Your kids ask for a tree fort, and get a tree fortress.