MOSTLY safe for work.

One of the guys at work thinks I am like Ron from Parks and Recreations. He claims it is a compliment. Nice mustache though.

BMW Final Drive Issues

Grama knitted me a new SUBA Dive Suit. Thanks Grandma

International Power Adapters - Part of me thinks this is ingenious. Part of me recoils in horror.

Next time you are in a hotel...
Two Feet of Snow!!!

A Cool Bike for riding in the winter

Are you DIZZY yet?

I know just the kid to teach this trick to. Can't wait to hear the stories from the parent teacher conference.

I'd like to think this is photoshop, but it ain't

Daleks from Doctor Who.

Must be Saint Patty's Day ! ! !

One Llama Two Llama Three Llama Llama Llama....

Maybe NOW we can get the kid to cut the lawn.

Doctor Who's TARDIS

A result of a bad accident or bad divorce?

I think this bike is properly loaded.

Must be something he ate.

Could come in handy for those Zombies

A nice comfortable seat.