Assorted Public

My dad at his position, 50 years later

Max speed as told by my GPS. This was on a full dress Harley .... IN THE DIRT ! ! ! ! !

We came upon these bikes at the same time as the owners. Fortunately they were together. The Pan Head Harley was not scratched by the sport bike. The side stand has sunk into the pavement. Then the pavement cooled, locking itself around the stand. It took 3 strong men to get the bike upright, and there was a chunk of pavement still stuck to the sidestand.

PINK ? ? ? ? ?

This looks good, but even better with the Machine Gun on there.

My Last Harley, for now at least

Lets see, Harley Sportster Frame? Check. Much Needed Crutches? Check. OK, I am ready to go.

BMW has a new Adventure Bike.....

BEHIND YOU! Look behind you!!!!!!

These are pics of a dead moose. DO NOT click on link unless you really want to see that.

More MAX speeds from my GPS - The Duck is less than happy

Fun in Thailand.

Hunting Lionfish with a friend.

Winter Riding. Always best if heading south ... WAY south.