Assorted weapons, guns, military vehicles and hardware that I found interesting. There are other pictures in other pages as well, but these are some that I thought were unusual enough to be worth showing off.

If you have a lot of money, and you want to get just one PLAY gun, I think this is the one to get. Expensive to feed this thing, that's for sure.

Two days a year you can visit the Trinity Site, the spot where the first atomic bomb was detonated. It's a pretty interesting site.

Tracer fire is pretty entertaining at night.

Ever think you might want to rent a Flame Thrower? You can rent this one.

Would YOU want to fire an Atomic weapon from a device that will only shoot it 2,000 yards? I wouldn't.

17 Miles. Now that's a little better, BUT, it's a bigger explosion, so, I still would not want to be anywhere it.

What do you do if your kid asks for a 4-wheeler to drive around the yard, but you are the kind of guy that prefers to build rather than buy things? What if your kid is a big fan of the old TV show Rat Patrol? You build a Jeep, based on a Lawn Tractor frame and engine. And, what is a Jeep without a Pintle mount for a machine gun? Then again, what is a Pintle mount without a real machine gun? Yes, it is all legal, and no, the gun does not stay on there when the kids are playing with it. Only when the father is playing with it.